The Town:
Weidling is part of the city of Klosterneuburg, a small town close to the Austrian capital, Vienna. Weidling is only 10 miles away from the centre of Vienna.

The Choir:
The active choir members, presently 40 in number, are divided into the four-tone groups of soprano, alto, tenor and bass. They are for the most part residents of the city of Klosterneuburg. The choir consists of members between the ages of 40 and a couple of very „young“ and active singers in their eighties.

The Repertoire:
The choir´s repertoire ranges from sacral choral music to European folk songs. Most of the modern pieces performed were written by Austrian composers, most of whom are locals. Classical choral music, songs from operettas and spirituals round out the full scope of the choir literature.
In recent years we have twice had the pleasure and honor of taking part in performances at the famous Vienna concert hall „Wiener Musikverein“ with „Carmina Burana“ and „St.Matthew´s Passion“.
The Chor Weidling has participated in many concerts and choral competitions, both national and international, whereby a wide variety of choral literature was a prerequisite.

International Contacts:
In 2003, the Weidling Choir started a concert series with a US agency titled „Weidling meets…“. Annually, an orchestra and/or a choir from the USA, usually as part of their cultural European Tour, gives a concert in the Klosterneuburg monastery cathedral together with Chor Weidling.
There are also close contacts with choirs from the German partner city of Klosterneuburg, Göppingen (near Stuttgart) and also with choirs in other European countries – for example Italy and the Czech Republic.

The Choir Executive Board Leadership:
Chor Weidling
Untere Öden 69/5
3400 Klosterneuburg
Austria, Europe
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